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Baz Yorkie

Baby Baz
Yorkshare Terrier
his new mommy May 2020

Good Morning! Took Baz to vet yesterday and hot his shots. He now weighs 2.2lbs. He is wearing a cat collar with his tiny bell. Baz is still sleeping in his crate no whining at all. Thank you again

This Is Allie
Allie Toy Poodle
Toy Poodle
Setting in Mommy Lap
They Got Allie 5/11/2020.

She is doing great so far. She has been playing a lot today and sleeping. She has a lot of Personality. We Love her a Lot.
Allie sound asleep in my lap with me working at my desk.
She's getting spoiled already. She's been playing hard with her sister Caylee all Morning so she's tired.
Anne Webster. 5/13/2020

Toy Poodle puppies
We love her so much. She has definitely been a blessing to us. Her attitude reminds us of Dixie so much. We couldn't have chosen a better baby.

Schnoodle puppies
Good morning! Today is Tucker's 1-year birthday & I just wanted to let you know how much we love him! He is a great dog!

Clarice when we bought her and now after 5 years. She's been such a blessing to our family. Thank you again.

Schnoodle puppies
He is adjusting very well and is so smart! He is great with the kids!

English Bulldog puppies
Katie's first birthday ! Loving my Dad's recliner! Doing good,Boss of the house for sure ! Thank u, The Wilsons -

Boston Terrier puppies
Happy Thanksgiving from Clifford.
He has so much personality

Toy Poodle puppies
We have named her Bella, and she is doing great!! We love her to pieces!!! Thank you for making our family complete!

Boston Terrier puppies
Hi Connie, it's Kimberly. Mark Spencer got Clifford from you a month ago! He's super sweet and the best puppy! We are thinking about another Boston or French Bulldog. When will you have more litters of them?

Bella and Abby
Boston Terrier puppies
I'm blessed to have found you! My family and friends love the girls so much!! I will keep you posted as she grows and per personality blossoms. Beautiful

new pic of Bella and Abby!!

Boston Terrier puppies
Hello Connie... we got our 12 week shot today. Everything went well and she's doing great. She weighs 7.7lbs and her brindle is starting to show. Her and Abby are the best of friends. When I come home for lunch to let them out, Abby has pulled her bed next to sisters crate. Here's some of our fun today!!

Miniature schnoodle
Good Sunday morning! Did very well last night. Again thank you so much. She is so sweet.

Schnoodle pupopup
He is doing great!
We all love him already.

Got his bath & haircut today, and posed for his Halloween picture.

English Bulldog puppies
We are smitten already

Boston Terrier
Hey Connie this is Jamie I bought the brown tri color puppy from you. I just wanted to say thank you he is the sweetest dog I have ever had and brings so much love to my life! His name is Harley and he is doing great!

Boston Terrier
Hey there! Our sweet Scout is growing like a weed! She loves fuzzy blankets and snuggling. We love her so much!! Thanks again for our baby!

Boston Terrier
Boy we love our TUX

He's doing great
Thank you again
I'll keep em coming from time to time

Boston Terrier

Hi Connie. It Karen McGinnis. We were just sitting around and sharing pictures of Pixie. I thought you might like to see how great she is doing. We love her so much.

Boston Terrier


Boston Terrier
She is doing great! She's very well behaved and healthy

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies
sent 10/27/16

He is doing great! He has played and played! Thanks Again
We love him.

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies
sent pictures 10/27/16

Here are a couple of pics of our spoiled rotten puppy 'Boots"

He is doing very well. He had a ball Last night! We bought him some toys and played with him most of the night.
Boston Terrier
Sent picture 10/7/16

Boston Terrier
Sent Picture 9/27/16

We named him Kite. He is doing very well
and really growing.
We love him.
Thanks Danny Smith

Toy Poodle puppies
Sent picture 9/9/16

Thanks so much! She truly has been a life saver.
She got her first poodle cut today! She is gorgeous.
They said she did really well, but didn't like the foot trim! Never had a puppy that did!! And I think she looks Just like the picture you sent of her Mom!!.

Boston Terrier

Nicoletta Maia
Happy Birthday big boy! Your 10 years old today!! Thank you for being my best friend...bed buddy...there for every across the country...and pillow for when I need to cry. My Life would not be the same without you in it. I love you my little Chester.

Pearly Female Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier Puppies
Born 6/17/2016

Pearly and her new friend
Boston Terrier Puppies
born 6/17/2016

Pearly 2 months and 1 week old today. We went to the vet Monday. She weighs 5 pounds. The Vet said she was the healthy animal she had seen all day! Thought you would like to see this!

Piglets male Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale
With new momma 11/24/15

Thank You So much for him! I luv him so much, he is so Freakin Cute!

Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Schnauzer Puppies
Born 5/10/15

Miniature Schanuzer
Miniature Schanuzer
Born 5/10/15

They Love him so much already  and he loves the babies! He is doing  wonderful! He had to sleep in the bed with my husband and I !  Thank You!

Treyton Dreher new baby English Bulldog
English Bulldog Puppies
Camille was Born 6/30/15

She is doing great!!! Love her to death! This picture is the best I could get she's so active but lazy at the same time LOL she loves eating my hair! We love her to death tho! She has become apart of our family she's adjusting perfectly!

Teddy New name is Cha-Chi
Born 6/8/15 Yorkie

We have renamed Teddy to Cha-Chi. He is thriving. He is eating well, seems to prefer the dry food to the canned. I think that is because he finds it more challenging to get the canned food out his bowl. However, he will eat it when I spoon-feed it to him until his attention wavers elsewhere. He is so fast & loves to run & jump. He doesn't seem to care for baths much, but tolerates them. I got him some puppy cologne & I keep him brushed, so his coat is soft, silky & he smells good.  I have bought him a nice wardrobe, but he is still too small for the XXS. I was only able to secure one outfit in XXXS. Seems they don't carry those tiny sizes in the states too much, but I did order some from China that haven't arrived yet. He has a beautiful gold blinged-out collar, but he prefers to play with it opposed to wearing it. He also enjoys pulling on the Velcro on my granddaughter's shoes, as well as dragging them & his toys across the floor. I don't think he has any clue how tiny he is.
I love this little energetic guy. He is very smart, uses his puppy pads & only experienced a few accidents. He loves to bite too, more on us than his chew toys & bones. I attribute that to my son rough-house playing with him. My favorite time of day with him is when I greet him in the morning, he can hardly contain his excitement & wiggles/skirms uncontrollably while I pet & sing a song to him.

Thanks again & have a blessed day.


Caruce Chihuahua Puppy
Chihuahua Puppies
Born December 2013

I came across your name today in my phone list and thought I would send you a picture. I bought from you December 2013.

Abbie Dachshund Puppy
Dachshund Puppies

Abbie, In charge of the remote! She's so funny and brings so much joy. Still only 5.2 lbs but thinks she's 100 lbs. She is almost 5 months.

Abbie Dachshund
Dachshund Puppies

Hi I'm Abbie. You called me Missy at one time. Since I left your loving home, I've had many adventures, I have a best friend named Herbert. We keep momma busy. I just wanted to say hello. Tell everyone I said HI.

Tank English bulldog born 6/30/15
English Bulldog

This is Tank, our new English Bulldog we got from Connie. He is the sweetest puppy and gives the best kisses. After meeting his mom we knew he would be though. She was so calm and great with my 4 year old son. We took Tank to Petsmart to get him some toys and as soon as we walked through the doors, we had a couple come tell us that he was the prettiest bulldog they've ever seen. They even asked for Connie's contact info because they were so impressed! Connie is the best breeder. She made sure we knew all about the breed and how to take care of him, She also checked him before we left to make sure he was ready to leave, Very loving breeder who breeds the very best dogs. Amanda Dillinger

Crystal baby Yorkshire Terrier
April 2015

He has slept a lot today he ate about an hour ago ate pretty good. He hasn't drank a lot of water yet tho. He and I both fell asleep and he slept on my chest for over an hour. And after he ate this afternoon he sat down and wined for me to pick him up he didn't want to walk across the floor he wants to be carried...he is already being spoiled.  He loves to be cuddled and I have had people ask me on facebook were I got him cause they love how he looks. He playing right now chewing on a chew toy we got him. He is doing good. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with this baby.

Sophie Mae Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Schnauzer Puppies
Casey baby, March 2015

Hey this is Casey, I thought I would send u a picture of Sophie Mae and let you see how she is doing, she spoiled rotten and thinks she is human.

Dachshund with new family
Dachshund Puppies
Feb 2015

King of the castle.  They have played and played. And thx for meeting us halfway! He's setting in just fine. Thank you!

Beverly Baby girl
Miniature Schnauzer Puppies
Miniature Schnauzer Jan 28th 2015

Our baby is thriving. She is such a beautiful color. Vet says she is a great dog. Inclosed are a few pictures of her.

Cooper Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier puppy
Up Dated Picture from his new mom.

Here are a few recent pics of Cooper!! I can't thank you enough for giving me an opportunity to be this little man's mom! He is such a blessing! He loves to play outside! I hope all is well. I will definitely put your name out there for Boston Terrier breeders! I have had so many people compliment on him! Thanks you again!

Cooper Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier Puppy
With his new Mommy

I have been meaning to text you! He is great! I am so thankful for him! His name is Cooper and he is the sweetest thing.

Miniature Schnauzer Puppy
New Mom Beverly Wisser

She has beautiful coloring. She weighs 12 lbs. a real firecracker. Still looking for another pup from you. Couldn't ask for a better breeder. My vet is very impressed with her.

Dachshund Puppy
New Mom: Sharon Osborn

Molly 1st Yorkillion
Yorkillion Puppy
New Mom Lynette Baumgarden

Hi Connie,  I'm sending you a couple pictures of Molly.  She is from your first litter of Yorkillons born February 2011.  She is a VERY smart and lovable little girl.  She weighs about 4.5 lbs.  And we adore her!
Just thought you'd like to see her,

Bubby ( Kent)
Schnoodle Puppy
New Mommy Norma Cavello

Hi Connie
Just a line to let you know ( Kent ) Buddy is doing very good. He went to my Vet on Dec. 3rd and had a full check up, he was such a good boy and everyone loves him. He had 3 shots and goes back on Dec 17th for more.
Boy does he love the out doors. 
His first snow I thought I captured a video on my camera to find out it did not come out, he was so funny and loved it, he ate 3 snow men as I made them, out in the rain is even funnier . Oh and speaking of out in the rain he rolled in the mud and had another bath, he had a bath 2 days before going to the vets and he was so cute. 
I weighed him when he arrived and he was 4 1/4 lbs, he is now 5 1/2 lbs. I can see him growing every day, he is solid and strong. 
He is sitting when told and coming when I say Buddy come, the words stay, leave it and NO were working on - LOL
I'm working 10 to 12 hours day and Saturdays too so limited on my computer time unless I get a quickie on FB at break time from my phone.
After the holidays I will send you more pics as he is one precious little guy.
Reading the manuals on my camera and camcorders so the next time I will get the videos of him.  Priceless $$$
He is a Tasmanian Devil one minute and an Angel from Heaven the next, our personalities are mixing well. He is definitely going to be my little Buddy. 
Going potty on his papers, pads and out side from day one. 
He's making you proud Connie.
I love this little trooper so much.
Thank you again for this precious little guy.
Norma Cavello & family 

Kent ( New Name is Buddy) Post 11/24/14
Miniature Schnoodle
Miniature Schnoodle born 9/23/14

Oh Connie he is so great I wish you were on FB to see the albums I've posted on him and see the comments how every body loves him.  I have so many pics of his arrival and his playing and being out doors today in his fleece coat God he is so precious. He is so much fun to watch play and yet so loving wanting to be with us and held. He is so great going potty on the pee pads , little bugger even sat when I repeated it so he got a treat, when I gave the come command he took awhile looking at me but did it OK so I had a small treat in my hand. This little guy is awesome and we LOVE him so much already. I get 50 love comments on face book with this little guy, everyone LOVES him.  I asked my son if I could send you my FB album and we both don't see how to.
I will some how create an album of his first days here for you.
God he is precious. 
Thank you soooo much for this beautiful little boy, how could anyone not love him. The way he plays maybe I should have called him Lion King as that is what he thinks he is. We are going to have a lot of fun together. Today I had him out side as it was nice in his new fleece coat and I am going to send you a separate e mail of a few pics I LOVE Him, well we all love him .
Thank you
Norma and family
Post 11/24/14

Lola ( Molly) With her new family.
Chihuahua Pupppies
Andrew Polimeni. Thank you for giving her a great new family.

Lola (Moly) what a great add on to our family, you gave me a great experience getting her from u Calling me at vet check ups to your grand kids caring so much for her. The airport ride and pics to airport were exciting and of course picking her up at airport she was very clean and my vet says very healthy. I been recommending Connie's Mans Best Friend to all my friends there a very caring family: family pics will follow

Christy Westmoreland Baby
French Bulldog puppy
French Bulldog

Christy Westmoreland French Bulldog baby
French Bulldog Puppy
We are so enjoying our new baby!

She has gone potty outside twice so we are doing really well I think. We are all crazy about her already. Our dogs are getting to know her but they are being very gentle with her so I think we have a perfect fit for our family.
I think she is adjusting great. She has slept all night both nights and she is eating great!

Patricia Baby Mia
French Bulldog puppy
We were surfing the Web! LOL

Patricia Tooley Baby Mia
French Bulldong Puppy
French Bulldog

Hi Connie... I just wanted to let you know Mia is settling in nicely. She slept all night and is such a sweet lit girl. She is already following me around and comes when I call her name. I'm taking her for her puppy check today. I just love her!
Her Vet check went great! Passes with flying colors!

Stephanie and Leo
Yorkshire Terrier

Stephanie Baby Leo
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

Hi Connie This is Stephanie, I got Austin from you back in November. In Honor of Mother's Day I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for bringing so much joy to my life. Austin is now "Leo".  We couldn't love him more! He's been amazing! Leo has truly changed my life! Thank You Connie! Happy Mother's Day

Boston Terrier Puppy
Betty Sue Pup Born 1/12/11

It's been almost three years since I recieved my dog from you. She was born 1/12/11 . Her mom was Betty Sue. My dog's name is Olive and she has been the best dog I have ever owned . Thank you again.

Brad Paiml

Tim Born 8/1/13
Miniature Schnauzer Puppy
New best friend

Dave with Comet
Miniature Schnauzer Puppy
Up dated Picture Was Tim Born 8/1/13

 My wife just went and peeked in
on Wyatt and this is how we found the two of them. :-) This is how Wyatt and Smokey
used to interact, so it is very good to see him bonding with another little buddy.
It may be hard to interpret, but Comet's head is laid over Wyatt's neck and he is belly
up. The two of them were so "out" they didn't even see the flash go off.

Dean born 8/1/13
Miniature Schnazuer Puppy
New Friend

Dean 8/1/13
Miniature Schnauzer
New Friend

Dean 8/1/13
Miniature Schnauzer Puppy
New Friends

He has adjusted well and is very loved as you can see! Thank you!!!!

Tony 5/29/13
Chihuahua Puppy
Michele new baby

How sweet, that's great the little ones play with's better for the puppies too so they become friendly, especially chihuahuas since they attached to one person only n can have a mean temperament.. My chihuahuas love everyone n are never mean.
I will continue to send u more pics as he gets older...
Prayers to you n your family.

Maddie ( Bailey)
Schnoodle Puppy
born 7/29/13

Maddie ( Bailey )
Schnoodle Puppy
Born 7/29/13

Hi Connie, it's Patty and Dave, we are here with Maddie (formerly Bailey) and wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas.  Maddie is doing incredibly well.  She has completed all of her shots, is healthy, rambunctious and full of life.  She is almost 11 pounds, double her size and experienced her first snowfall and pictures with Santa Clause this weekend.  She rides in the car, plays with other dogs, loves everyone...and chews everything!
We attached pictures with Santa and will stay in touch as she experiences her first Christmas. 

Hi Connie,
 Maddie is doing very well. We renamed her to Madeline because we just had a Bailey for the last 16 years. She is such a pleasure. She went to the Vet on Tuesday, She is very curious and didn't shake a bit in the car or the waiting room around other dogs. She is already paper trained! She weighed in at 4.5 pounds. Attached are some pictures. Thanks so much for everything, Patty and Dave

Maddie ( Was Bailey) 7/29/13
Patty and Dave's new baby

Kimchi Male Chihuahua
Chihuahua Puppy
Joan Thormton Baby

We decided together to name him Kimchi. It's a traditiona fermented Korean dish. lol Funny story on the way home, he was freezing so i put him in my shirt and he laid his head around my neck... well the little guy had gas, horrible gas. I actually thought he may have used the bathroom, but he didn't. :D So it's kind of funny how his name came about, also my boyfriend John that you met is half Korean.. his mom is full Korean, so his name will be very easy for her. I just wanted to send you a few pictures of him playing with his new best friend Sophie. He is already spoilt rotten, he won't let us out of his site and constantly wants me to hold him.. and that is quite alright because we have loved him since we saw his picture. He will be so well taken care of, and we thank you again for allowing us to add this handsome little guy We just love him so much. He's constantly putting a smile on his face. He's almost puppy pad trained completely, he has accidents on occasion, but for the most part he uses his puppy pads. He has a lot of spunk for a little guy. It's quite alright, i understand. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. You are more than welcome, he's a special boy for sure. We are lucky to have him. Alright i sure will, because he is growing so fast. God bless!

Joan Thornton

Little Man
Chihuahua Puppy
Maureen Clontz baby

Hi Connie!
It has been almost a month since Little Man came home to live. I will send more pictures after this message.
He is doing great and just thriving! He eats like a litle pig and has probably put on an ounce or two. His coat is very shiny!
He loves to play with and chase his sister Phoebe. Outside, he loves to chew and chase sticks and balls.
The vet says he's doing great.He has some allergies so he is on the real good Blue Buffalo Small Breed.
He has slept with all of us since his first night here and, potty training is coming along nicely.
He has a joyful, inquisitive and bold personality. He doesn't fear much so, I keep a good eye on him. Since he has such a big heart, we gave him a big name, Samson (as in & Delilah!).
His nicknames are Little Man or Butterbean.
He has stolen all our hearts and, he is dearly loved.
Thank you again for such a sweet boy-more pictures to follow.
Maureen Clontz

Shih Tzu BoBo
Shih Tzu With his new family.
Felicia Lawson 2011

This is the baby we bought from you for our daughter. We thank you so much he is all of our baby and is so precious. Our family is complete now. And I couldn't thank you enough for being so kind. Funny thing is he won't sleep alone. He's so spoiled he will only sleep when he's held or laying on a pillow in bed. He went to the beach for vacation in July and loves jumping at the waves hittin the sand. Bobo rides to take the kids to school ever day in a car seat , he is never alone and loves the groomer. She sees him ever 2 weeks like clock work and he kisses her but is always ready to come home and goes silly running from room to room looking for ever one like he has to show his hair cut off. It's super funny to watch him. He plays with his toys and when he's done puts them on his bed that is in the living room. Wish the kids picked up so well.  If ask him where's mama he says mama. I have it on video it's adorable. If you ask him if he wants to go byby he gets his collar by his bed and brings it. He sits , he stands on his hind legs and walks to you. He is amazing. But he is a child in our home that we could've never lived without. Our family was completed with him. And we can never thank you so much. Felicia Lawson

Hi Connie!  We named our little guy "Rocky".  He's a smart little puppy and protective too that's why we named him Rocky.  My wife has taught him how to sit, lay down, give me your paw and high five and roll over.  Everyone loves him and he's spoil too by us.  He's really smart.   We are very happy with him.  We've taken him to the vet and everything looks good per the vet.   I'll send you some pictures of him later on today.  He's grown.  He's a happy little guy.  We have a half of acre of land in the back fenced in and he runs all day in the yard.  He's also very protective when he sees someone he starts barking at them.   He also loves to pounce on things.  Did he play with cats?   Anyway we are very happy with Rocky!   Look for the pictures.    Sorry I'm just getting back to you.  
Thanks again!!

Yorkillon Female 2012
Yorkillon Female Puppy
Summer baby girl Lily

Hi Connie! I just wanted to give you an update on our girl. She's doing so well with us. She loves to chew and nibble. lol  She's just a model puppy. We love her a little more each day. She's very sweet and adorable and everybody she meets is just charmed beyond belief! I snapped a few pics last night so I'll try to get them loaded and send you some this weekend. Hope things are well. I even gave you a referral already. One of the teachers asked for your info. Gave her your website. She's thinking of getting her family a poochie around Christmas. I'll be in touch again soon. Take care of you and yours, Summer

Up Date From Summer::

Hi Connie, I hope this little note finds you and your family well. I've been wanting to send you some pictures of Lily for a long time but my camera bailed on me so I figured I could atleast drop you a message and update you on my girl. A co-worker was asking me about you again today, thinking of getting her kids a pup for christmas now that it's getting close. I gave her your info. and it made me feel bad thinking about you and that you haven't heard from us recently.

            I have to thank you again for bringing Lily into my life. She has blessed my life so much..well OUR lives, but mine especially. I've been in love with her since before I got her, but now she's just the little light of my life. My daughter started college in the fall and so many times it is just Lily and I because my son's mostly at his dad's and is busy with football and his girlfriend. They all love her too. Hannah misses her a lot but she's less than an hour away so Lily and I get to see her usually at least weekly. She even has my boyfriend at least a little wrapped around the finger..haha

            Let me tell you about Lily. She is so very adorable! Better than that though, she is just so, so sweet. She loves mama best of course, but she loves EVERYBODY. Family, friends, and strangers alike. She eats attention up like a big piece of cake, which is great because she goes with me whenever and whereever possible and she gets a HUGE amount of attention! She is friendly and outgoing and loves to give everyone kisses galore. She doesn't bark much at all and for the most part, listens very well. she has learned a few simple little things, sit etc. She even gives us her version of High fives during football games! cute.   

            She is paper\pad trained in the house..though she often catches the edge of the paper her heart is in the right place. lol. She also goes outside. She LOVES being outside and we spend as much time as we can when i'm not working going for walks around the yard or in the woods and parks if we can. She does very well on a leash but enjoys it more when she's not, as she dearly loves to explore. That's why we try to get into the woods or more private places as much as possible. She has her own little set-up in my laundry room now. All of her things are there and that's her nesting ground, where she spends her time when nobody's home.

            I guess I should get back to work. I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how she was doing and that she is loved loved loved. She is my girl and I don't know what I'd ever do without her. Hopefully I'll get a good camera soon so I can share some pics with you again. She looks much like a yorkie, with bigger ears and her curly little tail. I'll try to do that soon. Take care of yourself :)   Summer

Chihuaha Female
Linda Little lady Mylee

Just wanted to send you a picture of Mylee (Juliet).  She is doing great and is soooo spoiled.

Linda Estell

Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Schnauzer Female Puppy
Chuck & Lou baby Ms Murphy 2012

Hope this finds you and your family doing well. Just wanted to send updated pictures of Ms Murphy as she has grown a lot and is currently at 19 lbs. 6 oz. She is a bundle of joy for both of us and hasn't slowed down at all. She loves to play and run around our 3 acre's.
She is in excellent health and we can't thank-you enough for allowing us to adopt her. There is one picture from when we came home with her the first day and one this past Christmas and a few in April 2012.

Chuck & Lou Rissinger














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