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Puppy Rules to you and your new Puppy.

  1. Keep your Puppy Warm and Dry.  Wait on giving your puppy a bath for at least a week. A bath can cause puppy to get chilled and get a sore throat or cold. Your puppy will have a bath before you receive her or him.

  2. Keep your Puppy on the same food for at least a Month. Get at least one bag of the Royal Canin Puppy, then if you decide to change food wean your puppy slowly to the new puppy food of your Choice mix it half and half with the Royal Canin so your puppy don’t get an upset stomach.

  3. Keep your puppy away from a lot of people and other puppies until your puppy has received all their Shots.  Your puppy will do great with the Puppy pads. Using the puppy pad, will help keep your puppy inside away from other pets until your puppy has received all their shots. (Then if you’re late getting home you puppy will use the puppy pad and not your rug.)

  4. If your puppy isn’t acting right or seems sick for any reason, get your puppy to your vet immediately.

  5. A small puppy needs to be confined to a playpen or small area until puppy is older. Let your puppy have time to rest and eat.

  6. Make sure your puppy is eating, if your puppy is scared and isn’t eating enough then too much running or activity can cause the puppy to have a sugar drop, sugar drops can cause a puppy to die if not treated right away.  You can give you puppy small amounts of Treats.


Be sure and watch the video on
potty training puppy apartment.

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