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                Health Guarantee 

If any life threatening hereditary problems arises with your puppy during the frist three weeks or In the event of death of a puppy caused from Genetic Disease in one year  from the date purchased. I will replace the puppy as soon as the next litter of puppies ( like the one you purchased ) Is available. The Sick or dead puppy you have is to be returned to me.

                      Conditions of puppy replacement:

Proof that puppy was examined by a vet within 24 hours of purchase date. Unless your picking up on a Saturday and no Vet is open then you can wait until Monday.

* You must have a vet verifications stating what was wrong with the puppy.

* Proof the shots and worming was continued and up to date.

* Immediate notification to me that there is a problem.

I am not responsible for the puppy having (sugar Drops)(Coccidia) or any type of Worms

I am not responsible for owner letting puppy get a sore throat or cold.

I do not guarantee the color, size or temperament of this puppy.

I am not responsible for any vet bills that occur with this puppy.

                          Deposit Policy

A deposit  Is required to hold a puppy for you until it is weaned. At which time the remainder of the cost for the puppy is due and at this time you will pick up your puppy or Puppy will be Shipped to you. Puppy are weaned at 6 weeks and can be shipped at 8 weeks old. Unless puppy is small and need to stay with mother longer.

Deposit are non- refundable should you decide not to pay for / pick up your puppy at the agreed upon date. The total purchase price of the puppy is non - refundable and no replacement / exchanges will be made once a puppy has been purchased, except as noted above.

I have read and understand the contract and that nothing else has been promised to me.

Everyone will get a copy of this Health Guarantee. I will have you to sign my copy and you will take one home with you!

John 3:16